Count Strahd at the theatre! (only on the 27th and 28th of October!)

Friends of the night!

I just saw an amazing one-man-theatre production of Dracula and it was really cool! You get all the vampire goodness of mysterious mists and breathtaking bloodsucking. So if you were ever interested in the story that inspired the tale of good old Strahd and if you know the value of in person story telling (which you do! You play rpgs for Van Helsing’s sake!) you should definitely catch one of the last two performances of: Dracula: The Journal of Jonathan Harker

More info | Tickets

It’s a small and independent theatre. Go support some good people!

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Thank you so much for the shoutout, we are so glad you enjoyed the show! If this has sparked anyone’s interest, we have decided to put up rush tickets for our last performance - so if you buy tickets at the theatre on Saturday 28th instead of online, they will be reduced to 15€, no diplomacy check required :wink:

Hoping to see you there! ~Nico

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