Cool video about D&D monsters

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Another interesting video about the cavalier, that will be in the upcoming book…

I follow the whole channel since its creation^^
Its very nice to see the faces behind the pages.

I can also recommend the Dragon Talks series. especially the LYSK segment. (Lore you should know)
I often learnt things I did not know about the forgotten realms and dnd as a whole.

Like Waterdeep (or neverwinter not sure right now, no coffee yet) is built over a dwarven city, which built itself over and elven city. City-ception XD

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That’s Waterdeep.
The dwarven city provided most of a giant dungeon called undermountain, also, it has been expended by Halaster Blackcloak and his apprentices. it is also connected to the Underdark, including skullport.
The elves left behind a couple of powerful Mythal, in particular one that prevents the whole undermountain megadungeon from collapsing under its own weight.

Yeah I knew about undermountain and Halaster thanks to Penny Arcades DnD Sessions and Skullport thanks to the AMAZING game Lords of Waterdeep.

But I did not know that dwarves build undermountain or that Elves came before them.

What are Mythals?

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Well, adjust pedant’s glasses.

Undermountain is several underground structures adjacent and intermingled (or it is a giant megadungeon adventure with several origin stories). The bulk of it is the abandoned dwarven city.

Mythals are very powerful, generally very ancient, enchantments that generally cover a city or region.
Elves built the first and most of the mythals.

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