Computer RPGs

As alot of people come from cRPGs to Pen & Paper, I wondered if anyone wants to play some computer games together?

For example: I would like to play the Baldurs Gate Trilogy on a weekly basis for 1-3 hours. Would love to play with 1-2 other regular players. Is anyone interested? Just to try it out at the beginning, and later we can see if it develops into something continous.

This sounds GREAT! I’d love to do this but I fear I’m spreading myself a bit too thinly these days. Did you read about the Enhanced Edition they’re working on?

Ooh and it’s being released on the iPad too!..That seals it. I need an iPad before Summer!

Hey Amlash,

This is definitely something I’d be interested in. It could be a very flexible arrangement.

Let me know what games you’re interested in and we can look into it ASAP.

I have Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale on a bookshelf here in Vienna, ready to go.

I’m more a fan of the Baldurs Gate Series, as Icewind Dale is alot of Hack & Slay. I would recommend playing with Baldurs Gate Tutu, which is a mod that converts Baldurs Gate 1 into Baldurs Gate 2 Engine, and you can then set higher resolutions.

I loved Baldur’s Gate! Remaking it would be AWESOME!

I also played Neverwinter night, in fact, I have it on my own bookself in Vienna, but, for some reason, I can’t get into it as much as I did for BG and can’t seem to be able to finish it… Maybe it is the fact that I can only play with one companion and don’t have the wonderful team with all the colorfull and deep characters I had surrounding me in the BG games…

I would def be game !! I love the BG series and neverwinter nights. Also if you have finished the game in BG there is certain gear you get when you export your character to neverwinter nights. It is a nice system as it follows the story line. you get Half the gear in BG and the other half in neverwinter nights.

But on the issue of playing the game count me in for that if possible