Complete novice looking for a group

Hello :slight_smile: I (23f) have pretty much zero experience with dnd but I’d love to try. I think I more or less know the rules from watching other people play. Language wise my english isn’t great but my german is even worse so I guess english it is. I really really want to join a group, preferably with fantasy setting, but can try whatever you play. Offline and online both possible. I promise to do my best!

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welcome :slight_smile:

we host D&D 5E groups once a week in Café 1070
… look for any new post with V.A.L.U.E. in its title
(this has proved to be a great recruiting ground for groups in the past)

there are olso old school D&D 2nd edition games happening in a park
typically on Sundays in Türkenschanzpark
… look for any new post with Open D&D Table in its title


Or even 1st. :slight_smile:

of course it’s 1st … mostly blood thirst though