Complete New Guy searching for a Eng/Ger DnD group to play with

So I am completely new to DnD and I know almost nothing. I have never played DnD but I always wanted to play it with my friends, but the majority of my friends don’t play DnD, and the other part plays with a other Group. That said if anyone would like to play DnD with a complete Newbie I would be more than happy to join your group or at least attend one of your meetings.

Come to the friday VALUE Games^_^ Well help with everything:)

Would be next Friday possible since I am on a family trip the whole Friday :confused:

Every Friday at the Cafe 1070 there is the Open D&D night starting at 19.00 if you have questions just come around half an hour early. If you not available this Friday just come the next one you find always an announcement in the forum.

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