Comic book store

Heya there lads :slight_smile:

I would like to know if you guys know a decent comicbook shop in Vienna.
I live in the 22nd district but i do not really mind about the distance, just any decent shop would do.

Cheers is the one I get my comics at.

22nd, He, finally somrbody from the correct side of the river…

I was also going to recommend PH, although, I think they mostly carry trades, right? For a quick fix Fantasy Flagship is much closer to you, but their selection is very limited…

[quote=“Simon”]22nd, He, finally somrbody from the correct side of the river…
Simon, Simon, always the rive gauche bohemien… :smiley:

But yeah, I think you’ll find a pretty strong consensus here that Planet Harry is superb.

I am looking for american comics mostly.
How are the prices btw?
Typical overpriced European or viable?

I have also found Runch commics ( no idea if its good) and comic hutterer.
Any info on those?

@Harry for 1 US$ you pay 1€
@Hutterer & Runch its more

Sorry for resurrection this old thread, but I got a pro-tip for y’all… :wink:

Afaik, Hutterer is mostly into german books (at least the store in the SCS), and Runch is all about action figures and trading cards.

The next time you visit good old Harry, you should check out “Comic Treff” (Barnabitengasse 12). It is almost around the corner, and the shop has lots of english TPBs and single issues.