Classic RPG group looking for 1 more player

Are you looking for a classic fantasy RPG experience, where orcs are evil and elves live in the forests and you don’t need to deal with half-orc-quarter-dragon-with-fairy-blood characters?

We are an established (1+ year) group in Vienna that is playing Dragon Eye ( - the author is the GM. During Corona, we are playing online (Discord, sometimes Astral Tabletop additionally), but we plan to return to sitting around a table once this is all over.

We currently have a knight, a mercenary, a priest/mage, and a dwarven archer. We would like to add one more player to the group, so that gaming sessions can still run properly if one of us can’t make it due to work, holiday, etc.

Our regular gaming day is Tuesday evening.

You’ll get a full introduction and a PDF copy of the rules book to read at your leisure (or not, as long as you pick up a few basics, it’s fairly easy to play).

Hi Tom,
my name is Roman and I live in Vienna.
I am really interest in Pen and Paper games but have no experience. I read a lot of fantasy books and i am especially fond of hard(ish) magic systems (e.g. Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss) I also really like playing board games like "Siedler von Catan) but they are usully not complex enough for me.
A friend of mine already told me about Dragon Eye but i do not know much about it. I am a german native speaker or to precise a viennese native speaker but i could also play in english (all rpgs I play on my PC are set to English :man_shrugging:)

If you are interested to welcome a newbie to your game i’d be happy to try it out and join you.

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