Cheese and onion crisps and proper tea bags

Hey all,

I’m working in England until tomorrow and will then be in Belfast until Wednesday, departing via Dublin. So if there are any UK/Irish foods or similar that any of you miss (we are, after all, the geeky expat society), let me know and I’ll see what I can cram in my bag!

Also planning a trip to the bookshop, but Amazon should have you covered for that…

Proper tea bags sounds great.

Earl Grey if possible.

Will compensate with cupcakes!

Or a chain mail shirt…

(@GJ not ingame, real life)

Weirdly enough, I wouldn’t even question it in this specific scenario.

Bringing jelly babies would be a great excuse to run an adventure of the Dr. Who RPG (2nd edition)…

Tea bags and jelly babies acquired!


Cheers for the one and only Carrot of Doom.