Celebrate 5 Years of RPG Vienna with a Commemorative T-shirt!


Oki. Now i’m curious.

But first. Dear marketeeer of exquisite woven fabrics. I would like to order one of those marvellous ebony ones in the large size category for the average human male. Thank you for your kind approach and I hope I’ll help spread the word with one of those marvellous upper body warmers you humans like to wear. :wink:


There is way too much here to dissect. Got it.


Neat! Men’s black L for me please!


Although my wardrobe suggest the right size could be anywhere between S-XL (thanks to standardized sizes), I’d like a male T-shirt with regular (e.g. not V-shaped) neck in M size and black colour.

Thanks @Siobhan and @Pjotr for the T-shirts and of course to everyone for the great time we have every night with this community (especially to the mythical founders)!


Yes these look fabulous. 1 large in Black.


I’ll take two large black. Thanks for doing this.


You will also be pleased to note that the price has now dropped to 15€/shirt.



Those look great!

Man. Black. XL. Please. :slight_smile:



Men Black L for this RPG addicted soul here please :raised_hands:


I need to eat a bit of crow. The shirts are still 16€. There was a misunderstanding between me & the guy at promotexx. Sorry about that.


Mark me down for Men’s Black M please!