Cats and Windows

Ok, this is VERY off-topic, but I know some of you have cats, and was wondering if any of you have had a brainstorm as to how to cat-proof your apartment windows.

We live on the second floor, and have the huge, typical windows that have two sets of windows, one outside and one in, with no screens.

We need to cat proof them so that cats won’t accidentally get/fall out.

We rigged something for the end of last summer and winter that was basically a net and velcro, so that if the window is open, the net comes down. It’s not solid enough to leave unguarded, but it stops surprise cat-jumps into the window.

But what that translates to is: Hot summer nights, closed windows, no air conditioning.

In case anyone else has the same problem, the answer is… a baby gate. If your cat is small enough to fit through the bars, you can buy rolls of cat-proof screen at the hardware stores (although nothing with which to mount them temporarily). Mount the gate just outside the window (ok, our windows are inset, so we can do this, I don’t know what we’d do if they were flush).