Cards for D&D 5e

Please Keep us updated; i NEED those Cards xD

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@Pjotr, as Bazhell says, have you tried contacting gale force 9? Worth a try!

Somehow GaleForce9 only has contacts of distribution managers on their website. Not sure if I should write to those guys. :-/

@Pjotr you could try tweeting at them, should be @galeforcenine

Just do it. You won’t find out otherwise

Done. Let’s wait now.


Any News for us?

Nah. GF9 did not respond at all.
But I try to shape up my game design muscles by publishing on DMs Guild. Aside from my latest Installment I am working on illustrations for the cards, a rules add-on for more realistic combat (inspired by Historical European Martial Arts), a system to make ability scores more meaningful, and a few more projects.
I will keep you guys in the loop. Promise. :wink:

Are you creating it yourself or rather searching for Stock Art? just very curious^^

Also something you could still do is contact Green Ronin. They bring the Critical Role specific Guide to Gencon and might be interested in your idea for such an add-on. Especially since the community is HUGE and would probably preorder or kickstart it if need be. And I bet you many of the Illustrations in the Setting Guide could be repurposed for Rule cards.

Or even cooler would be OotS (Order of the Stick for the uninitiated) style cards.