Canadian looking for a game


I am recently arrived in Vienna and am looking to form a small group to RP with. I have been playing D&D (in one form or another) for about 15 years now, though I have’t played tabletop for about 14 years of that.

I am ver familiar with the rules of AD&D 2nd and D&D 3rd and 3.5 editions and am proficiently familiar with the “new” Pathfinder rules system.

I would ideally like to form a group of 4-5 people for an English speaking game twice or more times per month (from my experience, if you meet less often than that, the game bogs down and the fun element is quickly lost in spending time trying to recall what was going on. It also takes forever to advance your character if you meet less often than this).

Feel free to drop me a mail at: if you’re interested in forming a group.