Call of Cthulhu & Everyone is John!


I got a Call of Cthulhu scenario I need tested and while waiting for the inevitable late comers to arrive we can play “Everyone is John”.

5pm: Everyone is John
6pm: Call of Cthulhu

Number of players needed: 4 out of 6 players confirmed. (3 maybes)

A horrible game for horrible people. You are a voice in John’s head. Compete against other voices for control of John’s body to achieve your objective. This is my first time running it so hope it goes well.

DISCLAIMER: I’d like to acknowledge mental health is a very serious topic which needs to be treated with the utmost care. This is a collaborative free form game and nothing more. If you or someone you know suffers from mental health problems I urge you to find the correct channels of support.

Length: Approx 1 to 2 hours
Setting: Mainland, China
Era: 1920’s
Pre-Gen Character Sheets Supplied

You are travelling across China to assist those in the wake of the great famine. You stop in a small Tea House for food and beverages. Surely, nothing will go wrong…

Catch you there!

(Sorry about the lack of games recently. Moved apartments, life and stuff)


i won’t be there, but i can only recommend Everyone is John (ran it a couple of times, but everytime we switched up who’s dming according to who “won”)
have fun :slight_smile:

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Id need to check. But I might be there)

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No pressure. Hope you can make it!

I will likely be there, will confirm tomorrow.

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I’ll be there for Call of Cthulhu, maybe early enough for Everyone is John.

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Just to clarify, the date is correct (31st of June = Wednesday)?

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Yerp, this Wednesday

Count me in for CoC.
edit: ups something came up. I still want to join. I just have to look if someone is there to look after the dog. Put me on maybe. I will give update when I know more.
Edit 2: its find, i can join.

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Probably in!

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I could be there at 7.15 pm. If that’s no problem, I’d be in!

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No problems. We can wait. I’ve got “Everyone is John” ready to go until you arrive.

Definitely in. See you tonight!

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Be there in 5 mins

I can’t make it, leider…have fun guys!

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