Call of Cthulhu Dice Kickstarter(s!)

Hi all,

Well, you wait for one and two come along at once :slight_smile:

This one looks great. absolutely smashed it’s stretch goals. Gotta love those boxes!

A couple of days ago QWorkshop announced another Kickstarter in association with chaosium to bring these metal ones to us.

The only problem is, they look pretty hard to read from a distance (the other QWorkshop Cthulhu dice I have also suffer from this problem)

Any thoughts? Will you be backing?


I like the Mythos, not enough to get even more dice though.

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Looks quite nice. Especially the Cthulhu Skull artwork playmat. I’ll consider backing for these. :slight_smile:

The dice themselves are nice but if I’ll get 'em probably for the fancy Box and the playmat. :smile:

Thanks for the update on some Cthulhu stuff.

Btw: What are your favourite Lovecraftian stories? I’m reading the Necronomicon right now and it’s amazing.

I quite liked Rats in the Walls and Herbert West. Call of Cthulhu was a little underwhelming but still a classic!

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Rats in the Walls was a lot of fun. it would be cool if there was another game like it to come out.