Call of Cthulhu and Vampires roleplayer looks for players

Greetings to you all!
I am Vince, I am italian and I just moved to Vienna.

In Italy I used to have a group in which we were meeting at least once per week to play Vampires: the masquerade or Call of Cthulhu. Therefore, I wanted to know if any of you would be interested in having a new player for one of these games. I am really easy-going and I try to find the right way to interpret and enjoy a game together with the people I am with. I am reliable and happy to share with you my experience in role playing games. I brought my dices from Italy and I am not afraid of using them :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for each answer!


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Welcome Vince!
Love the username by the way :wink:

There’s definitely some love for Cthulhu round these parts :slight_smile:

It was my first rpg after D&D. It was love at first sight, as I already read many of the books. I still play with my friends in Italy on Skype, when I can :slight_smile: do you play it, too?

I am sadly a terrible CoC player…

Harald runs CoC from time to time, and Siobhan did it too once. Your best bet would probably be to DM the game… :wink:

I’ve played a couple of short sessions in the past. I’ve read more than I’ve played though. Specifically Trail of Cthulhu. I agree with Simon though, your best off running a game or asking @H to run one!

[quote=“Simon, post:4, topic:1842, full:true”]
I am sadly a terrible CoC player…[/quote]
Aren’t we all? Start off all eager to follow the trail of clues and solve the case, end up gibbering in a padded cell.

Any time!

That makes already three players and a master, sounds good :slight_smile: maybe we can meet one day to organize? Unfortunately the next two weekends I am not in Vienna, but I am in if we arrange over the week. I would like to play rather than master, also because all my manuals are still in Italy (and they are in italian, of course).

We can meet for a short session to see how/if we get along and maybe plan a longer adventure in the future. I have at home the manual of the adventure “the complete masks of Nyarlathotep”, that is really good and I never managed to complete as player, I would for sure suggest to try that but I am really open.

So, to make it short: when are you guys available? and, @H, would you like to be the master?

We have fairly regular games on Thursdays… I think that would be pretty ideal…

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I’d be happy to run some more CoC games.

I don’t think I’d be up for Masks again, though. Ran it a while back, and it took two and a half years. Great fun, but I think once is enough for me.

Plenty of other scenarios in the sea, though.

Thursdays works fine for me, but at what time, approximately? I have gym at that day but I can for sure reach you after it. When would be possible to arrange a game?

For scenarios, yes, Masks is nice but better to try something else.

We generally meet around 19h30 and start playing shortly (arf :p) afterwards…

I see… ok, I guess I can skip some training from time to time :slight_smile:

Tomorrow and the next Thursday I am not available, but the other one for sure. Do we arrange through the forum or do you have other means?

Just keep an eye on here Vince -

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