Call for Playtesters! - Draconis Memoria powered by D&D 5E

Hello everyone! Is there anyone here familiar with the Draconis Memoria books? I’m currently working on a short campaign in that setting and looking for playtesters. If you are interested (no need to be familiar with Draconis Memoria, but you would particularly enjoy it if you are) in playtesting a short campaign (~5 sessions of 4-6 h each), please let me know here in the thread or via PM!

Some important info:

  • level 1-5, 5 short adventures connected into a campaign story arch, level-up after each adventure
  • we will be using the basic rules of D&D 5E to play the setting, with some heavy restrictions but also some fresh additions (see below)
  • very restricted class selection, for lore reasons (fighter, rogue, barbarian; none of them can be any subclass that uses magic)
  • very restricted race selection, for lore reasons (human and variant human only; some feats may be unavailable, all need prior approval)
  • there will be a new magic system available specific to Draconis Memoria (blood-blessed, where you can use the blood of drakes
  • there will be custom backgrounds specific to the world of Draconis Memoria (these will be the only backgrounds available in the playtest)
  • this is a playtest, the material is intended for publication (you would be listed as playtester)

Background for those unfamiliar with Draconis Memoria:

  • the setting is a world in early industrial revolution (firearms, steam-boats, cannons, etc.)
  • world is dominated by the imperialistic and feudal Corvantine Empire on one continent and rampantly capitalist corporations on another continent
  • on a third continent, Arradsia, live the wild drakes whose blood can be used by some “blood-blessed” humans to essentially do magic (although it is presented as a natural phenomenon that can be understood by science in the books): powers include super-human strength/resilience/reflexes, trance-like telepathy, control over heat and entropy, telekinesis, etc.
  • the campaign will play out entirely on Arradsia, which has some colonialist themes

If this sounds interesting to you and in case you have further questions, please let me know!

PS: Also, I should mention that playtesting will likely start maybe a month from now, and I want to keep it fairly tight, time-wise - but we will arrange this flexibly to account for your schedules, of course.

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I’m in :slight_smile:

(I’m one of the guys, who playtested your The Lamenting Lighthouse adventure)

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awesome, I’ll put you on the list! :smile:

technically interested, but not sure if i could fit another (limited run) campaign currently

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I am in too :slight_smile:
No experience with Draconis Memoria, yet, but would love to make some!

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so, counting the people in this thread and PMs I received, we have enough for a group - hooray \o/

I will contact you all (and anyone who still might join) in a few weeks to organize the details :slightly_smiling_face:

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