Call for interest - long-term, high-brow Ars Magica campaign

Hi everyone,

I’ve been thinking about launching an ArM game for a while. I now feel ready to get started, and would like to find a few good players to form a group. We’d meet about twice a month, I think, but this can be discussed.
I’m looking for grown-up players interested in a serious, history-based ArM game, where character evolution will be central. Some degree of commitment is therefore required, and intelligence, culture and motivation are also very much desirable.
The games would probably take place at my home, but I’m happy to come to the Spielbar to meet people if that’s convenient.
Please get in touch if interested.

Hi Malavandrel,
I certainly would be interested - have been looking for something like this for a while, but not sure if I am not replying too late. PM me if you still have place for a player.

Yes, it’s still on, it hasn’t started yet and players are welcome to join!

We’re currently tidying up the forums a bit.

Is your post still current?

Actually yes, it’s still valid…

Hi Malavandrel

If you are still looking for a player I would be interested in joining. I never played ArM but I hope that wouldn’t be a problem. I am quite experienced in other Pen and Papers (Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer Fantasy) and I like games where character development is a centerpiece.

greetings Flo aka Grenom

Hi - this might be a bit late. But I would certainly be interested :slight_smile:

Edit: As I just saw. that this post is now 5 yrs old I better open a new one ^^