Cafe 1070 Returns this Friday!

Dear All!

I’m happy to announce that Cafe 1070 has survived the first (and hopefully last) Corona Shutdown and is once again available for hosting. We are open starting on Friday with normal operating hours (except for that we have to close at 23).

However, there are some restrictions. For Adventures League, it will only be possible to have 4 people on a table (1 DM, 3 players), which is a much different format which could maybe be interesting/ faster paced in the end. For regular campaigns, we are working on a solution in the gaming room where the DM+3 players are on one table, and the rest of the players on another table facing them from 1m away – we think this format can still maintain the classic round table vibe.

We truly appreciate your support in this time. We’ve survived the first (and hopefully last) shutdown, but the future could be anything from a natural 1 to a natural 20, so we want our family back and to (safely) get gaming going again as soon as possible.

Let me know if you have any questions for would like to book a private session in the gaming room :wink:



Hey y’all.

I would not feel too uncomfortable running a game there tomorrow. But I know times are unsure and some of the People on here even are in risk groups due to medical conditions.

So to check if there are still people checking in on the forums.

If 3 people reply to me by tomorrow midday I will happily prepare something small. It can be AL conform or something completely different depending on what the players want.


Hey @cat4laugh, so how was the turnout? Did you get to play?

For my personal lab rats project it was suprisingly high. For this 1070 I got no one

I would be there this week if there will be other people to play with… :wink:

I would love to come and have a go if you do something this Friday! I’m a newbie :slight_smile:

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I would be there as well :wink:

If you have space for me I will join

Is anything happening tonight?

I believe not, but maybe next week when the restrictions are lifted?

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