Cafe 1070 Lost Mines of Phandelver

Greetings to the folk with whom I played LMoP last night!

Above is the link to thw D&D Beyond campaign so you can create characters and have easy access to all necessary books.

I would appreciate quick RSVPs to this post so that I do have all your usernames. Thanks and see you next week! :smiley:

I have already entered my character. Should be under cat4laugh45!

Also: thanks for this. This is awesome :smiley:

gonna enter my character now.
and thanks for the Campaign link :slight_smile:

I am gonna be back from sweden friday morning which means i’d love to join in for a more reccuring/permanent setting if you guys still have an open slot.

If the above is a yes, could you please provide me with the right guidelines for character creation as ive never played AL before.


Thanks for the fun campaign!
My character’s under HollowBeneficiary, looking forward to next week :smile:

The first session was awesome (and I really look forward to riding on the wolf :smiley:)
Thank you for the link; I added my character.
See you next week!

Hello! The first adventure was awesome! Great dm, great group! Looking forward to the whole thing :slight_smile:
I will find time tomorrow or wednesday to add my char.

One thing:
In AL rules it says that until lvl 4 i can make changes in my char. I consider that after rereading some infos and my own notes and ideas. No major changes but a little finetuning.
Is that ok? And do you care about backround ect of the characters for your dm’ing?

Hey guys. I wanted to change my name bit had to make a new account for that.
I was Dschingiskarn. Now Tatze

So i did some changes on Dakrug following the rule of “Character rebuilding” on page 3 of ALPG. Since its my first character and i didnt know how useful some things are and others are not, i wanted to do this.
I hope its fine for you Kaiser. If you dont agree on somthing i will change it back ofc. Here are my changes:

Dex from 8 to 12
Wis from 12 to 10
Int from 10 to 8
Dex is too useful for me to leave it at 8 so i really had to change this.

For the languages id understand if you wouldnt accept the change. I’d like to change halfling to

Ofc i chose this after you said its one of the most useful languages, so its a bit cheesy, but since Dakrug grew up in an Orc Clan it fits his background much more than halfling. And it makes his Acolyth background more useful.

Thats all.

Hey this is pretty awesome, didn’t look on rpgvienna before today, so I didn’t see it, anyways Kenshin has been promptly added.

Hi all! I’m new to Vienna and want to play at Cafe 1070 on Friday. Their Facebook told me to RSVP on this website, and this looked like a relevant post! Can I join y’all? Or do you know a group that I can join?

There’s going to be a new post for the weekly games, normally started by @Tersidian

You can say hi there and let everyone know you’ll join.

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Understood, thanks for letting me know!

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