Bundle of Holding! (Brilliant PDF deals)

“Time-limited, bargain-priced collections of DRM-free tabletop RPGs by leading designers. Support indie publishing, help charity, and get top-quality games!”


Right now they’re offering a Dying Earth bundle, previously it was Over the Edge. Keep an eye on the site as there are indeed some gems available!

Do you can tell me more about dying earth?

Unfortunately not Bazhell! it’s just a (what I consider) great deal going on at the moment.

It’s based on a novel series by Jack Vance. (You may be familiar with him from the term Vancian Casting, the type of casting that’s used in DnD, for example. Wizards memorizing spells and shooting them off, in short.)
It’s set in a post-apocalyptic future where our sun is almost dead and magic grew strong. Most civilizations are long-destroyed and the human population is getting smaller by the day. It’s also well known for mixing technology and magic.

The RPG would be worth it if you’re interested in the setting and mood of the original books which were a kinda nihilistic, but charming twist to fantasy. It’s not power-gamey and tries its best to keep things simple and focused.

Basically, if you like reading through books for the setting, inspiration and what not, it’s recommendable. If you don’t have the will or time, better pass on it.

One noteworthy thing to mention would be the fact that the game doesn’t focus on slaying monsters and looting. Even in the character creation one notices how much time and effort has been spent in social combat. It’s not a simple Diplomacy check, it gauges different ways in which a character is persuasive - from eloquency to charm to how intimidating he is, how direct he talks, how well he choses his words, etc. And countering persuasion works similary in having different ways a character responds and fights back in such cases.
Even fighting follows that formula and one has to pick a type of fighting - from just being a powerhouse, to being a finesse-based fighter or just a cunning bastard that uses tricks and cheats left and right. Same applies to defenses, with different ways a character handles them.

Another fun thing that reminds me of Pendragon a bit is that the characters are imperect and have some rather bad traits like greed, arrogance, lust, etc.
And resisting such temptations is a mechanic in-game.

One uses only a 6-sided dice. 123 failure, 456 success, with 1 and 6 being criticals. Now, stats work in such a way that you can use up the pool for rerolls. So even if you roll badly, you can reroll again if you have enough points in that stat and pick the better result.

There are more subsystems and interesting ideas, but this are the basics. They may catch your fancy.
It’s a game that doesn’t pander to the typical fantasy crowd and focuses less on elves and whatnot but more on conversation, wits, exhausting your enemies.

Sold xD
Im getting it
Not only because it sounds interesting but also with the bonus of helping some much needed organisations

I hope you like it :smiley:
Lemme know what you think of it.
I personally consider it a nifty game and worth it. Especially the current price.