Bratislava Chrismas Market

The Bratislava Chrismas Market has opened today :smiley:

It is really nice: less “kitsch”, looooots of food
and at the place there is a Chocolateria :mrgreen:
additionally the pubs in the city centre serve excellent beer ~ 1,50 € per glass
(I will starve myself two days before to prepare myself for going there, since our plan will be to eat constantly ^^)

Me and my bunch of loveable nerds travel there once a year
(we will be there next Saturday, Nov the 29th, if someone wants to join us to travel there on the same date, send me a PM)


Bump for the 28th of November 2015 ^^

It’s the day before I have to leave for Cyprus again - let me get back to you when I’ve booked flights and know when I have to be there!