Board Games, Week 19th to 25th Sept

Hope this the right place for this.

So I wanna play board games on a more regular basis, mainly because I have a couple that I never got to play and to get to know ones I haven’t played before. I think a weekly meet-up like RPG Thursday would be nice, preferably on a different day.

I left the date vague enough so people can tell which they prefer. And depending on how many people we will be we can decide what we’ll play.

And I chose that week because I finally move back to Vienna next week and won’t need more than an hour to get home afterwards, so will be more flexible timewise.

I would be interested :slight_smile:

I’m free pretty much any day (recently just moved here…). For the long run I’d have to see how my weekly schedule develops.

id be interested.

since me and my bf are looking for new people to play games with and he lives over the border i will be a bit selfish and say saturdays would be great :smiley:

allthough this weekend i dont have time. bummer