Board game night!

One of our newest member (bbelovedd) is trying to find partners for board games…

That seems like a worthy endeavour to me!
Who would be interested? when would you be available?

I don’t want it to conflict with our weekly RPG game, so another day in the week would be best… Tuesday maybe?

Maybe we could even try to make it a weekly thing, just like the RPG games?

How about Thursday before the RPGs begin? We’ve played a number of games that way already (Netrunner, Liar’s Dice, Ace of Aces …), and it was always enjoyable.

That sounds like an option… It’s too early to work for me, but others might be interested…

Don’t know. Board games can be very time consuming and I would not be too fond of delaying the regular games, for its getting too late already.

How about another day of the week but on a monthly or two week cycle? As far as I get it the main problem about another day of the week would be a too cramped schedule…

So I guess today is not a board game day… So after at what time do you guys gather on Thursdays?

Around 7-7:30 usually. Takes a bit for everyone to appear.

Presumably your chances will rise tremendously after the Euro 2016…

I knew there was thread but didn’t see it before.

I added a meet-up for the week from Sept. 19th to 25th, depending on when people have time, and I would say a different day than Thursday as to not clash with the regular RPG night. So if anyone is still interested please post there what would work for you.