Board game groups in Vienna?

First of all, happy new year for everyone have a lot of successful rolls!

Besides regular new year resolutions (like popping up more often in V.A.L.U.E sessions than in last year…), I was considering, whether anybody knows any good board game groups in Vienna?
I was thinking about open-table games (e.g. similar to our rpg games, anybody can pop-up and join), where the games are provided by either the hosting location/person or by a player (e.g. it’s not like Warhammer or Magic the Gathering, where you need to be prepared and know the rules beforehand) and they meet more-or-less regularly. Whether the games are more party games (like Werewolf or Cards against Humanity) or more strategic (Risk, Pandemic, Monopoly), I don’t really mind.

Language can be German or English.

Can you suggest some links/groups?

Thank you!

Thanks I will need them :slight_smile:

Regarding board games the best adress in :austria: is

language is German though

The people from paradice have contacted us in the past for dnd but they are in fact a boardgame club, 5 bucks entry fee and everything you could ever want in terms of new boardgames

Thank you guys, I will definitely check them!

I go to one, and we play in English. You can find it in Facebook as Let’s Play- Boardgaming Friends in Vienna. We play with whoever comes and you can bring your games or just play the games others bring, there are always enough options.