Beta test group

I started to create a setting for 5e and now I need some volunteer players (3 to 4) wich would play some settings as a beta test.

Game languarge is german in this case becouse my english is not good enouth to run a entire game in english

If you are interested just let me know
Greatings Otschi

Hey there!

Me and a friend really want to play DnD again and we also play preferably in German.
I think this might be a good opportunity for us to be part of a good one-shot or two to pass the time untill we find enough players in our local area.

Just tell us the time and place and we’ll see what we can do! ^^

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Alright so i made a Whatsapp group for this please join and than I will give you some basic informations about “Quiverain” so you can build your charakter

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