Beginner looking for a Group

Hey my name’s Dominik

Im a student and 20 years old, and i want to get into P&P prefferably D&D/Pathfinder/DSA, basically everything with a fantasy setting.

For a few months now i regularly watched Geek & Sunderys critical role series, and now i want to try D&D myself, i tried to get my friends to go for a campaign, but they werent really into it so we never go to try.

Im a total beginner (No Handbook) but id be willing to buy one as soon as i got to try a round and want to stay in the group.

Hopefully we’ll get to play together!

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Hi Dominik!

Welcome to the site. There’s a regular group that meets in the Spielbar every Thursday around 7-8pm that play all manner of weird and wonderful systems. Everyone there is an absolute legend and will be more than happy to take you under their wing and show you the ropes. (see

Have fun!


people being praised by @Neil feels kind of like Ao descending on the realms :smiley: