Baron of munchausen - in person or online

Greetings my fine gentlemen. May I interest you in a conversation of the finest sort. As we all have great tales to tell, how about we make it a little game shall we?

Baron of Munchausen is a simple Improv game where you are forced to tell a story via a prompt that you are randomly given ( for example Tells us about the time you trained frogs to take on kung fu, tell us about the time you climbed mount Everest only using two toothpicks). Other players also have an opportunity to intercept and change the story.

We will figure out a time and a date that fits everyone. It requires no preparation except for the prompts that I will try to figure out :>

Interested players DM me on Discord or @ me on the Server

we will make a thread

sounds fun

I’m in :slight_smile:

(as long as the case numbers are high would prefer online)

I’m in too!

Tall tales are always fun - count me in!

(Likewise only online or outdoors, for obvious reasons.)

Count Wickerbottom the third reporting for duty!

I’ve just returned from a simply marvelously incredulous journey and am eager to share my tales of my travels.

(In other words: I’m in!)

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