Backup DMs urgently needed for an open event this Saturday

Dear DMs, the Night of the Rolling Dice - 2 might need your help this Saturday :superhero:

We are currently very short on backup DMs (nasty colds spread like wildfire this month :sneezing_face:) and would really appreciate if someone could volunteer to fill in if one of our DMs won’t make it. :pray:

What is needed: DM a Tier-1 adventure for beginners from 13:00 to 16:30 at Sägwerk Wien this Saturday 23rd of September. We will provide pregen charachters for the players so you just need to bring the adventure and run the game.

Backup DMs will be informed latest on Saturday morning if their help is needed. Of course backup DMs are wellcome to join in as players in case their help wont be required. We will arrange an extra table for you.

Please let us know below or PM me directly if you can give us a hand. Your help would be greatly appreciated.