Apocalypse World bluebook & session log

This is for the Apocalypse World group, mainly. Everyone else is welcome here as well, but be warned - the stuff in here may make no sense to you at all :wink:

Because this is a game where PC-NPC relationships and PC-NPC-PC triangles tend to emerge spontaneously and often from play, I thought it might be a good idea to note some of the most important of these details down for us here.

I’ll start. Anyone is welcome to chime in with things I forgot or didn’t catch during the games sessions.

here’s a List of the NPCs we have so far met or heard of:

Jingo (aka Third Logan Jingo Sterns)
slim body, stern face, sharp eyes, three-fold Mohawk (white), only slightly tattered vintage business suit, almost 50 years old
Ruler of Logan’s Loft for over 10 years now, Rothball’s uncle-by-customs, Jeff’s brother-by-customs

skinny body, scarred face, glaring eyes, bald tattooed head, huge earrings, military wear, in his early twenties
Jingo’s enforcer and nephew-by-customs, Jeff’s nephew, Memphis’ son by an earlier groom

soft body with a pot belly, smooth face, pale eyes, scrounge wear, in his thirties
Jingo’s resident psychic and brother-in-customs, Rothball’s uncle

Jingo’s late bride, Rothball’s late mother, Jeff’s late sister. Died years ago, had two more daughters, both estranged to LL now (they left several months ago)

big body, angular face, squinting eyes, scrounge wear, baseball cap
Barkeeper, rumors-broker, professional listener, social keystone of sorts

Two-Take (formerly known as Artist formerly known as Prince)
small young body, striking face, laughing/manic eyes, display wear (purple dyed marriage dress), braided and elaborate hair
resident painter and musician
Trademark phrase “chocolate” (=good)

adolescent underfarmer, died from the water disease a few days ago

smeltery worker, devastated after Tim-tim’s death

Narna’s kid (boy), died from the water disease about a week ago after about two weeks of sickness

LL’s late medic, died in a raid when fighting against Grix’ goons

messenger kid (girl, although you wouldn’t readily know it), foul mouth, nimble feet, oversized leather jacket

Warlord Grix
a tyrant and despot who has been gathering troops against Logan’s Loft repeatedly in the past. His last two attempts have famously failed (giving the Loft its current reputation as an unstormable fortress), but will he give it another try soon?

I think that’s all of them… if I missed anyone, please tell me. For those bits of info that you probably didn’t exactly hear during the session (like Rothball being Jeffs nephew), that’s stuff that’s generally publicly know in Logan’s Loft, and you would hear of it during your night’s stay if your chars didn’t know it already anyways

and here is a little relationship map of the various guys we encountered (and players amongst each other).

the coloring should be self-explanatory i guess, but anyways, PC are red, dead people are grey, the rest is pretty much black…

and the green stuff: here’s where I’m interested in your characters’ attitudes or relationships to some of those people! the world is small these days after all, and surely you know them from earlier? Maybe there is a common past, or an ongoing rivalry? Perhaps romantic interest, or purely material debts?
You don’t have to come up with a full-blown backstory or fleshed-out idea ready for next session, but be prepared that I may ask you about them or let them show up in scenes with you in play…

oh, a word about my slang here perhaps: if a blood relationship ends with “-by-customs” that’s equivalent to our “-in-law”. A groom and bride are what we would call husband and wife, while a man’s “wife” in this world is the first woman you ever slept with, and “your husband” is the same only vice versa.
(They must have gotten some of the details wrong in their oral traditions over the decades…)
Other blood relationship titles are intact though, such as brother, sister, father, mother, son, daughter, uncle, nephew/niece…
Granparents may be known as “oldparents” instead… but then, they are rarely even still around, so those that are, mostly get called whatever… (anything from Oldmother to Mother Superior, ancient hag or simply Bridget i imagine)

oh, and do you guys still remember the details of your mutual histories? I didn’t take any notes during the session, and there’s nothing on your char sheets either… so it might be nice to reconstruct them here.
(the numbers are there on the sheets of course, but the fluff/fiction would be interesting to have as well)
If you can’t remember off the top of your heads, that’s fine though. I guess we can always recap it at the beginning of the next session…

Thanks for the excellent wrap-up!

My only history (3-Hx) was with Simon. I mistrusted him because one could see his junk underneath the kilt all the time. For some reason I diddn’t like that at the time of the character creation. Well I guess a person who is so revealing isn’t challenging game for… well yeah. Yes, the goofiness started right there… :unamused: :laughing:

edit: of course I got some history points from the other characters, but it’d be best for them to state the nature of the relation. I remember getting something from -H- for having assisted him in a dire situation or something.

Well, I got 2HX with both Ruby(fighting shoulder to shoulder) and Ruth and except for Justin I think I got positive HX values with the rest as well.

And except for the ‘Shh … Hand Over The GUN’ - ‘calm down people’ speech at Jeff’s and looking out for Ruth at the end I didn’t really do much, I guess.
So most of the history was determined during the character creation.


Satan had a history with Ruby
-> she stood up to his gang once

relationships to other playercharacters

-> Ruth
Ruth is considered as lucky charm / mascot of Satan’s Gang.

-> Angus
A really nice fellow with really nice car.

-> Justin
An unfriendly prick with no manners.
In the Apocalypse World only a fool tries to stay alone …
… and Justin tries very hard.

-> Joel
Satan thinks, that Joel is smart, since he is listening to Ruth.
Satan knows, that smart people are dangeous, but
Ruth seems to trust Joel. So this means, that he will try to trust him too.

-> Ruby
Satan could feel the “Psychic Avathar of Rejection” in Ruby.
Before that event, he thought, that she was a troubled girl, that should learn to change her attitude instead of still using her background as an excuse for her behaviour.
Now, after the psychic-connection, he starts to feel sorry for her.

Sat and the boys are my ride. They’re cool. Besides, how else am I ever going to get to the ocean?

He thinks I’m his good luck charm, but I know he’s doomed.

Sometimes I pretend the bike is a unicorn.

This Justin guy says I owe him something, but I can’t remember ever seeing him before. Maybe it was a long time ago when I was just a kid, like when I was nine or something.

Anyway, if I did promise him something, I’m sure I had my fingers crossed.

I always do.

Ruby’s my friend! She’s totally nice, even if she dresses kinda slutty and stuff.

Sometimes I give her advice about boys. She needs it.

I’m not sure about Angus. He has this weird top-bottom incongruence thing going.

I’m sure it means something, but I don’t know what.

And Joel’s just a big snuggly-wuggly!

Awesome posts, all! Thanks everybody - consider me informed / inspired / entertained :smiley:

also, now that Kaylossus will be on a 2+ months hiatus, we could actually include the Dinosaurs if you still want them in! :wink: They’ll have to recede into the background a bit (or turn out to be something else entirely) once he gets back in the game, but hey…

Also, anything else on the Apocalypse Wishlist (i think i heard someone mentioning zombies… repeatedly…), the time to settle that would be now^^ Or next session…

No no…we mentioned ‘undead-zombie-dinosaurs’… :smiley:

I guess the museums of natural history are gonna become more entertaining than before :laughing:

[quote=“Thopthes”]No no…we mentioned ‘undead-zombie-dinosaurs’… :smiley:

I guess the museums of natural history are gonna become more entertaining than before :laughing:[/quote]
-> Zombie-Dinosaurs with Pirate-Ninja skills :smiley:

They like the shadows (Ninja^^), so the survivors turn on floodlights during the night.
They also like the sea (Pirates^^), so the survivours tend to live in wastelands / deserts etc.

Additionally they are allergic to latex, which explains the fashion-style of the survivors.

okay :smiley: this is not gonna be pretty, but you got it :smiley:

…gets me thinking though …when a Zombie T-Rex bites you, you won’t have to worry about the infection that much, will ya? :wink:


no, unless you are a dinosaur :wink:

huh, so that’s how they all became zombified so quickly and completely! I see it now :smiley:

Another session sometime? Please?

Ruth is getting restless …

Yes. please! :slight_smile:

Yeah that’d be awesome!