Anyone up for starting a queer D&D group? :)

Hi all,

I’m a PhD student originally from Vienna. I moved back here a few months ago after 4 years in Edinburgh. I’ve been getting into D&D over the last couple of months but due to clashing schedules never actually got to play. I’m a nonbinary bi ace person. In Edinburgh, we had a queer D&D group as a sub-group of the LGBT+ society there, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to recreate something like that here.

I’m probably too busy and inexperienced to DM at the moment, so I’m looking for both DMs and players… let me know if this is something you’d be interested in!

Im not sure if you could tbh i barely managed to get a normal group running. I suggest coming to the AL, the people there are very friendly and fun.

Alright, I’ll check that out! How frequently is it on, aside from tonight?

Normally every friday :wink:

I recently kinda managed to start a group similar to that by accident :upside_down_face: Not all of us are queer, but there are a couple of queer players, only one of six plays the same gender they identify with IRL, we have homosexual PCs, we have genderfluid PCs, we have a couple of key NPCs that are queer - all of that good stuff ^^

Unfortunately, the group is currently at maximum capacity :-/ But if this can happen without any specific prior planning, I’m sure you could get this started with purpose! As others have mentioned, just come to the AL games to get to know some people, and see where it goes!

@Lup as i have said to you yesterday. It was fun playing with you, so I’d be up for it :slight_smile: more interested as a player. Could dm if no one else is capable of it though :slight_smile:

@SheVa sounds like a fun bunch :smile:

they are amazing ^^

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Hello! I’ve been looking to join/start a group like that, but don’t really know how to go about it. Are you still interested or have you had any success? It’s been a while since you posted this, but I still wanted to check.

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Nothing has been started as of yet. Since not enough people voiced their interest up to now.
I personally would be still up for it though :slight_smile:

I’m still interested in doing this eventually :slight_smile: but we’ll still need more than 3 people. If any of you have friends (not me obviously lol) feel free to try and drag them in!!

…ah, glad to hear that there’s still some interest :smiley: I have a friend who is visiting for a couple of weeks in February who wants to get into D&D, but don’t really know anyone else, sorry… are there any other good places (both online and offline) to ‘recruit’ more people…? Haha

There is a small queer community at the institute for English and American studies at the University of Vienna, maybe someone there would be interested? Since they are already studying English. Other than that, I have two LGBTQ friends who might be interested. I’ll forward the thread to them. Cheers c:


I am queer but also a complete beginner. If I could learn from you guys, I would like to participate in your group.

hi, learning is easy :slight_smile:
if you’ve got time come to Adventurer’s League on Friday to get to know us and D&D. Afaik @Lup and @Cyan will be there too.

Anyways i would bring a +1 aka my bf to the group too. so we’d be enough to start off a party, if everyone mashes well with each other maybe?

Nice, yes, next friday?
Where is Adventurer’s league? . _.

Take a look at this thread. Announce that you will come and see you on Friday at cafe zehnsiebzig :slight_smile: