Anyone up for one shots

So is anyone interested in playing some more one shot scenarieos. I would like to run a few also. I use savage worlds(multi world system) and have a few one shot adventures i would like to run


Sounds fun!

I would love to join (as long as newbies are welcome)

I am interested. It just depends on the where and when. I might even be able to bring a friend (with zero tabletop rpg experience).

newbies are mor than welcome. i dont know the city so well so i am not sure of the best place to game. should it be at this spielbar? also dopeople prefere weekdays or weekends?

Can you come to Spielbar on thursdays? Anyone can run something there if they like. :slight_smile:

I’ll just open the topic, then you can pitch your game there if you want.

I can come thursday yes. from around 17.30 what is the adress

@Pelle The adress is Lederergasse 26, 1080 Wien. The games are usually starts around 19:30.

If you still interested, please, let the others know in the following post about your attendance

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