Anyone interested in a Play-by-Post?

Like many RPG dedicated forums have it, I propose a PBP-section.
I’d even be so foolish as to offer myself as DM for a PBP.

For those that don’t know what a Play-by-Post is:
It’s much like a Pen&Paper game, but with the players posting their actions, sayings and whatnot to the forum.

The big difference is the timing, and that’s where most PBP’s fall apart.

A PBP is much slower than a Pen&Paper game, even when the P&P-group meets only once per month. (That’s my experience. It may differ for some.)
There are no fixed times when the group meets. Anyone can post in the order they have time (and that’s another reason those games falter).

If all players (including the DM) set aside time for the game, maybe half an hour a day, it works. If only most do it, it can be a drag, waiting for the one player that doesn’t show.

I have experienced both games that dragged along and games that flew.
I was victim and offender of not doing my part.

So, anyway, I hope to bring a PBP to life, even if I have to DM it.

The system I am most comfortable with is Pathfinder, and I have pretty much every Paizo-adventure to play through (I’m not much of a homebrew-DM).
So if anyone is interested, shoot me a line and roll a willsave DC 14.

I’d be interested in this. Although I’ll be honest and say that I don’t know exactly how it’ll work. Could you post a link to your current campaign to give people an idea? An OOC tag would be useful right? I’ll see what I can do when I get home later.

Yeah, I use ooc and spoiler tags regularly in my game.
Spoilers can be substituted by PM’s, but the ooc tag would really be helpful for quick clarifications.

And here’s a little backstory of the game I DM over at the Paizo messageboard (with links where I have them):
The game started with a thread to search for players, much like this thread here. I there gave some basics as to what campaign I thought of playing, what kind of characters would be great to have, which sourcebooks where available and such.
As it was a Pathfinder-game on the Paizo board, it was easy to find players, here it will be a bit more difficult, I guess, at least right now.
Having found my players, I opened a discussion thread (here: … discussion ) to get them to create characters and discuss some more basics.
It now serves as a generall discussion and information thread, where players note prolonged absences, drop-outs, newcomers, rules-discussions (if there are any) and so on.
Most players knew the basic outline of the campaign and the startingpoint, so I didn’t have to do much of an introduction when posting the Ingame-thread (which can be found here: … P/gameplay . Wow, two years ago… Damn.)

I have to say, it wasn’t the most smooth of rides, but it’s been a fun one and I really like how it goes, even if it’s a drag during holidays.

So, if there are 3 to 5 players wanting to try it out, I’d be happy to oblige. I wouldn’t propose to play a campaign, but a short module is a good start. We can discuss which one from the handfull starting modules I have, once we have players.