Anyone interested in a longer campaign?

Hey everyone,

While I love Thursday one-shots, I’d also like to find a campaign to join, or start a campaign group myself. The system isn’t that important; I’ve played Traveller, Queeste, and various flavours of D&D in looong campaigns and enjoyed them all.

Weekend sessions would be ideal, because I get out of work relatively late. I’m happy to host, too, if need be, since I have plenty of room.

Any ideas?

Theoretically, I’d love that.

In practice, however, I’m afraid I have too little time (especially as I often work on evenings and weekends) to really consider it. :frowning:

So, you know, this is just to let you know you’re not alone in your interest for something longer-running to come together some time…

Thanks - I know that problem, though! Maybe we can get a once a month thing going at some point…

There was soome thought given a while ago to the idea of having the first (or last) Thursday of every month be reserved for “ongoing games”… with the other Thursdays continuing to be free-for-all oneshots and such, as usual

It never came together so far, but maybe that’d be a workable approach after all?

I’d be game.

(I’d love to run a Blowback mini-campaign fairly soon. And speaking of, I’d really like to continue Apocalypse World, too. That was very fun, and I’m eager to find out what happens next. Besides, if too much more time passes, Ruth will be a teenager, and I don’t think any of us wants to know what that would be like …)

I like the idea too. And the Blowback mini campaign has been announced a while ago now. Would like to see it, given that i can show up more regularly again.

Hello guys, I would be totally happy to take part in a D&D campaign.
If you have a similar goal we can meet and drink a coffee :slight_smile:

I’d be up for D&D as well.

Excellent - now, which D&D? And don’t say 4e!

D&D 5 !!!

Any version except 4th :smiley:

Sure, if the others are in on it as well.

Hey guys

Vanessa and I enjoyed last night’s session (5th March) very much and we are very interested in coming along to future ones. As we mentioned, we are currently in a 5E campaign but it isn’t as regular as we might like. We both think we might be able to participate in a second campaign if we can find people who are up for it.

We would be able to start anytime after the second week of April as we are visiting Australia for the first two weeks of that month.

We are happy to talk about any potential campaign in further detail on one of the Thursday night sessions.

I’m totally happy if we go for 5th!!! I’m reading the player handbook right now and this edition is awesome! It’s simple and so well costumized!

You mean it’s masquerading as … nah, too easy. :wink:

Kickoff in three weeks, perhaps?

Well well well: let’s meet for a coffee and talk about this campaing thing? One day this week maybe?

5e sounds good… I’ll be in France for all of May, though, and in Greece for a week after. (Not on holiday, sadly.)

Hey guys looking at this everything is an awful mess.
From what I’ve noted:

H and Alrik want a blowback… whatever that entails and availability is unknown (weekly, biweekly or monthly?)
Iron Beard, Thropthes and Darthbinks are for D&D 5 but again availbility is unknown.
I believe from my understanding Doomcarrot, sam, vanessa and myself are up for often weekly to biweekly and D&D 5 is fine for us? Though I assume also we are open to another system?

Altogether I count 9 people which sounds like a good number. I imagine most of the time a few won’t make it thus making a group of 5 or so players.

Also what would be good to know is the people who are interested in running and what?

I can’t DM, I think, because I travel for work so much - would be unfair on the rest of you if you can’t game while I’m gone!

For those looking for longer-running games, Traveller on Thursdays might also fit the bill. It probably won’t be a campaign per se, but an occasional episodic game with an ensemble cast.

Blowback, on the other hand, will be fairly short as far as these things go, more a mini-series than an extended campaign.

Sounds perfect to me :slight_smile: