Anybody up for a game on Sunday?

Brunch or afternoon? Call of Cthulhu or similar weird ebtertainments? Picnic in a park?

Any takers?

if the weather permits it I would be interested, its been a while since I heard the call of C’thulhu

Well, that was fast.

Yes, weather permitting, natch, but Sunday’s supposed to be sunny.

your post popped up the moment I opened discord ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You know I rarely miss H’s anticks^_^ I need to ckeck but I might be up for it:3

The fine line between typo and honesty. :b

Where is the typo?

If late afternoon I might be able to make it.

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Wait, after one year planning, we might have a “Thursday Night”-style, open air, in person game?
I’m in!
Where shall we meet/play?

Sure, can do. 5, say?

And how does Türkenschanzpark sound? I know that’s convenient for at least three of us.

Now to actually prepare a game …

yeah turkenschanz sounds good

5 pm, meet at the Turkish Fountain, by the entrance at Dänenstr./Peter-Jordan-Str.? Could also meet at the other end of the park if that’s easier for anyone.

Please bring paper & pencil, something flat on whch to write & roll, food and drink to tide you over, and high sanity.

See you tomorrow!

Tentacles? Is that gonna be a japanese thing?

Might not be able to make it, depending on the pool situation which might delay my return to Vienna…

Thanks for a fun evening! There may be an encore …


Encore? Like in a “rock”-concert?

Anyways, thank you for the game, it was fun after all these times

Oh snap.

But we do still have a music game planned. Ought to get around to that.

And speaking of games we’ve been wanting to play, you’ve had Traveller on your list for a while, haven’t you? Time for a new thread …

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