Anybody up for a game of Sherpa?

Hi all. We’ve played a lot of Sherpa over the years, but although we’ve made occasional vague plans, we’ve never used it the way it was originally intended. Given the covid situation, now might be the perfect time. So who’s up for a hike?

Sherpa is a low-footprint (index card, pencil, 1d10), rules-light indie game intended to be played in the great outdoors. No previous knowledge of the game or rulebooks required.

If wandering around the woods, hills and vineyards of the city’s outskirts while playing a role-playing game sounds like your idea of a good time, just drop a post below and we’ll set a date. Monday’s a holiday, next weekend looks good, too … we’ll find something.

See you on the trails!

Given my calendar allows it, I’m in

Looks like we won’t get critical mass for this one. Sorry, irx. Consider it a standing offer.

Be well, amigo!

Sorry, came too late and won’t be available during the next two weekends - but otherwise I’m interested!

Also preparing a Cthulhu game (with time-travellers, body possessing players and asylom), I shall
let you know about it soon.

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Also which Monday is/will be holiday? (and in which country?)

In the great country of Lower Austria. And in viennese schools.

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Weather’s supposed to be unseasonably warm this weekend. Might be another opportunity?

Covid-safe. Exercise. Gaming. Nature. Sunday?

Id be up if we have enough creatures in the colloseum;P

Looks like we will!

Details to follow …

Ill be 10 mins late sry.

Ok. On top of everything I took a wrong tram. Sorry. Have to take D back to nussdorf.

Sorry, I have overslept this, I hope, you had fun!

Sleep is good!

And many thanks to those who played. First official RPG Vienna Hike!

The scenario was a bit underwhelming (so what else is new), although I think the slow, meandering pace did go well with our own wanderings, but as a proof of concept, I’d say it went pretty well. As a means of playing responsibly in times of covid, yeah, this works.

And hey, the views were nice.

I’m looking for the next one!

The good news: according to the blog, " This topic will automatically close in 601 years."
So I might be able to join at one point.

Our 27th century descendants are going to be totally pissed off when this topic suddenly locks.

Its a tad too cold for my taste atm, but come spring, Id be very much interested!

You’re always welcome.

And who knows, maybe come spring, things will be better and we’ll be doing this purely for the joy of it rather than as a way of responsibly playing in person. Here’s hoping.

Next time: more woods. Definitely more woods.