Any Swifties here?

It’s me, hi!

I am dipping my toes into DMing and I am also a friendly Swiftie. I thought it could be fun to prepare a home brew adventure in the summer, like 2 or 3 sessions before her concerts, where the adventuring party has to support Taylor Swift (I’m thinking Bodyguards, possibly stalker investigation, lipstick emergencies, Kanye stole my mike, or maybe her voice gets stolen and needs magical something or she gets kidnapped, who knows).

Because it’s a bit complicated to figure out and I’m new to creating worlds I need plenty of time and just thought that before I put a lot of effort into it I would ask if there’s actually anyone here who would want to play such an adventure.

If you don’t want to publicly state your love for Taylor or your desire to participate I’m open to DMs :sunglasses::crazy_face:

Oh and edit: it’s not really about dates, more general Interest. I figure once it’s prepared if the dates don’t work out I can always use it at a later point.


not a Swifty … just a music nerd, but I would play this if I have time :smiley:

(would make space for true Swifties^^)

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YEEEES im so down for it!!! Count me in!

I also DM‘ed a very similar oneshot before where Taylor swift (or Thealor Swiftmore in my universe) got stolen.

I already see myself creating a character based on lyrics and giving them tooo many TS Easter eggs :‘)

So yes, I would LOVE to join :two_hearts:




Oooooh yes! Let’s do it :tada:

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In case I can make it, I wanna play Jake Gyllenhaal :grin:


I might make a subclass or special Thingie called “boyfriends”. When their songs play on the radio while theyre doing stuff they get inspiration :sunglasses:

Dibs on Harry Styles :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: