Any DnD games to observe this Summer?

Dear nerds,

Recently got into DnD and still quite new to it. DM’d few games but realized that there’s much to learn to have a really kick-ass game. Therefore looking for opportunities to learn more about how to DM and play properly.

Would be happy to join existing groups but afraid can’t really commit for regular meetings at this point.

Thus wondering if there are any open games which I can join as spectator? :blush:

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Hey silent,

There is the weekly friday games (happening in about an hour) that you can always observe at Cafe zehnsiebzig.

For individual’s dnd games I cannot speak for of course

honestly the only “proper” way to play is to have fun, and that might look different from person to person, group to group and game to game

but yeah the friday games are a good place to join in, pure observing while possible is kind of awkward most of the time though

Thanks cat!

I’ll try to join for the Friday games then