Any Ars Magica players here?

Hi there,

as the title suggests I would love to play Ars Magica - unfortunately it seems pretty rules heavy and I am new to it so I dont know if I can DM the game - Although I can certainly try.

Ars magica is a RPG with strong Magic focus set in a mythical Europe in ca 12th century.
You or we would play as a circle of Mages/Witches wich can bring a nice basebuilding aspect to it :slight_smile:

I would be open for anything from a one shot to a full campaign - just let me know.


Hmm, @H do you also happen to be an expert in Ars Magica?
(At least I vaugely remember, I heard from you at the first place about this game)

If an one-shot might happen, I’m in (but currently my knowledge barely surpasses,
what @BerndiSterndi wrote here)

I’m not sure I’m any expert in anything, but I’ve got Ars lying around somewhere and would be happy to run a game sometime, at least if you’re not picky about editions. Ars is fun.

Nice to see interest and, if not an expert maybe a veteran Ars player :wink:

I am open for anything.
Guess one or two more players would be ideal.

Character creation seems a bit tricky - though I don’t think I messed too much up when I first tried it.


OK, let’s give this a shot. Maybe weekend after next?

I wasthinking it might be fun to play the first scenario published for Ars. Always interesting to see what the designers had in mind. Might take more than one session, though. Thoughts?

So you are thinking the weekend of the 24th - just to be on the same page.

Yes. Could also do a random weekday evening sometime, I suppose.

Yes. Could also do a random weekday evening sometime, I suppose.

If we do that 25th or 26th wouldb be ideal on my side :wink:
Or weekends

I made a doodle covering the next 2 weeks - maybe that’s the easiest way

Now I’m confused. So basically … that weekend?

Thanks for the doodle, I just filled it.
Normally random weekday events would fit, but I won’t be around to often till 1st of October. After that, I’m more flexible

By the looks of the doodle we dont have a date we can settle on - till now.
How do you feel about the next month, maybe in the first 2 weeks or so?

27th,29th and 1st are as of now the best dates - but if they dont work out for all of us I wont help much.

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