Another Austrian who prefers English

Hey there!

My name is Thomas, I’m 25 years old and -as the flag in my profile suggests- I’m an Austrian.
I’m a big fan of RPGs- mostly video games (Arcanum, Baldur’s Gate, Gothic, Elder Scrolls, WoW, a.s.o…) and D&D (3,3.5). I’ve played D&D in several groups spread over a few years. Since my last group dissolved quite some time ago, I’m looking for a new group to join.
I do have some experience with DMing (only D&D 3.5) as well but I’d prefer to be a player.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Hi Thomas!

Nice, I am a big fan of Arcanum as well, and if anyone masters Steampunk in that style, I would definitely be in!