Another Adventurer League Friday @ Spielbar

As promised here is the new topic for next time, i’ll run another Tier 1 (levels 1-4 adventure)
if you’re planning on coming please reply to this thread to “reserve” a spot, i need a minimum of 3 players and adventurer league allows to have up to 7 players at the table.

Feel free to bring your own AL legal characters, i’ll try to remember to bring pregens this time around for those that don’t have one yet

i plan to be their at around 18:00 again, but game start will be sometime between 19:30 and 20:00 as usual

the adventure i’ll run will involve gambling (betting on races) as well as participating in races amongst other stuff, i’m sure we can have fun with that :slight_smile:

Oh, so it’s a re-run? Never mind, I’ll be there anyway …

See you!

you’ll get to fly on a ptaerodactyl … there that should entice you enough i hope :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha! That’s just another of your fiendish traps! Pterodactyls are the little guys - they couldn’t even carry a halfling. No way are you getting us to jump off a cliff clinging to a glorified turkey!

Sneaky DMs … :sunglasses:

Big Bird will probably be there with one friend.)

I’d be keen to join this week!

It’s been awhile since I rolled some dice, so I’ll need a pregen to ease myself back into it.

I’m in again as well - need to catch up to Level 2 ^^

Hey I would like to come!

I’ve never played AL before but have a bit of 5e experience :slight_smile:

Might swing by too. :slight_smile:

If i counted correctly you already got 7 players, the popularity of AL is really getting out of hand :smiley:
I’d love to join on friday, so I’ll come and if there’s no more room just listen in. Really bugs me that I missed part of the story last friday.
See ya!

yeah it looks like we need another AL dm sooner rather than later (and not only because i’d like to play sometimes too :smiley:)

I actually wanted to ask you if I should DM for AL one of these days to give you the opportunity to play once in a while as well :wink: Maybe you can give me a quick run-down on Friday of what I need to take care of to DM an AL-legal game? I have DM’ed 5th Edition for a couple of years, but never AL…

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oh lord, forgot that my fiance’s birthday is on friday :smiley: Have to skip this time

A friend of mine once hosted a little workshop for people who wanted to learn how to DM an AL game. Maybe it’s something we could do here?

we can do that too, but not on a day we play and we probably should wait until the next season starts … no need for anybody else to figure out what the change means for their dming :smiley:

I would like to play, but in case all slots are full I might come just to listen in.

I would also like to DM in the future and a workshop would be great to get started.

Unfortunately I’m not going to be able able to make it tonight - woke up with a cold!

Hoping to join in next week though!

Hello there! New to the forum. Moved to Vienna a couple of weeks ago from Italy and I already miss 5e. Found this forum and had to jump in. Seasoned vanilla DnD player, but always played with friends and never through AL. Wouldn’t mind stopping by tonight to have a look and a beer!

Hi, might come by to listen in, as the party seems to be full already. See you later!

I have to cancel, something came up.