And along comes a Franz

Hey all! New GM / Player here…
USUALLY this is the moment when I’m typing about me and my roleplaying experiences. But since I’m posting this from my cellphone I can’t really be arsed right now. ;]
It’s however safe to say that I’ll add all that once I get my hands on my laptop in an hour or two. If it’s of any importance then AmLash can and probably will vouch for lil’ ol’ me. =]


Hi there Franz^^
where were u hiding?

Richard here btw xD

how ya doin?

Good, good. Just heard of this awesome idea here from AmLash and thought to meself that I have to join this illustrous troupe.
Currently in rehab for one more week to get my shit together but after that I’m game for anything. ^^

I promised more information and ye shall recieve.

First of all, english is not my native tongue so if you find any typo’s, odd phrases or gramatical errors, you can either keep and treasure them… or send me a PM and tell me about it.
I am always trying to keep improving on my english and I am proud enough to think that it has gotten pretty good. Still have no qualms about correcting me, be it here or in person!

I started roleplaying at the age of 15… so I’m playing for 16 years now.
I’ve been GM for a three year long group of MECHWARRIOR which still horrifies me when I look back. Call me pretentious or something but I think that fifteen year olds are not the best of Gamemasters. Still, we had so much fun that roleplaying never lost its appeal to me, and for that I am greatly thankful. Just don’t ask about the three alien races I’ve made up in the poor MECHWARRIOR-Universe or the plot’s I have abused. I was young and needed the experience. (Not Experience-Points)

Moving on, I’ll try to list what games I’ve been a Gamemaster for and what I’ve played and own. Since my brain is getting old and stuff it will probably not be chronological.
O = Owning the book(s)
P = Played the game/setting
GM = Gamemastered

Mechwarrior (O, P, GM)
Paranoia (O, P)
Dungeons & Dragons 3.0, 3.5, Pathfinder (O, P)
Opus Anima (O, GM)
Degenesis (O)
Engel (O, GM)
Shadowrun (O, P)
Call of Cthulhu (O, P, and GMed at conventions in Vienna)
Cthulhu-Tech (O, P, GM)
Vampire - The Masquerade (O, P, GM)
Vampire - The Requiem (O)
Mage - The Ascension (O, P, GM)
Mage - The Awakening (O)
Werewolf - The Apocalypse (O)
Werewolf - The Forsaken (O)
Wraith - The Oblivion (O)
Orpheus (O, and currently GMing for about one or two years now)
Geist - The Sin Eaters (O, currently GMing)
Hunter - The Reckogning (O)
Hunter - The Vigil (O)
Mortal (O)
Demon - The Fallen (O, and had a group for about 3,5 years. Nine or Ten players… anybody that has GMed before knows how much work that was.)
Warhammer Fantasy (O)
Warhammer 40K - Dark Heresy (O, P)
Warhammer 40K - Rogue Trader (O, currently mastering)
Warhammer 40K - Deathwatch (O, P)
Warhammer 40K - Black Crusade (O)
Warhammer 40K - Only War (O, thinking about integrating it into my Rogue Trader Game)

…I think that is about it. I might add stuff if I find out that I’ve forgotten something.

I have quite a few ideas that I think are ideal for shorter games.
Paranoia always comes to mind, as well as my ALL-GOBLIN-CHARACTERS-PATHFINDER GAME.

I’d like to offer my services as a GM here and see how it turns out.
Basically I’m here to have fun, and that includes being a bit of a sadist while GMing. :slight_smile:


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An all goblin PF game? Lik, the “we be goblins” one shot?

Another Franz here, welcome to the Forum!

Paranoia is always nice for a short little game, count me in, if I have time.


I played a Paranoia one-shot once, ages ago. It was pretty fun. I could go for a repeat experience.

(Though if anyone wants to start an oWoD game of any type, I certainly wouldn’t be terribly cross with them, either.)