An Austrian RPG Crowdfunder

There be shameless plugs: You might already know, I am currently funding a project for the German version of the Free RPG Day called Gratisrollenspieltag. I work for free for this, but I need to get the money for illustrations and printing costs, as this booklet will be given away for free, too.

The Crowdfunder is done on Startnext ( and is now about halftime (goes till 1. week of January). The basic amount (called “Fundingschwelle”, probably the most useful vocabulary in contemporary German) is already funded, but still needs a bit for the stretch goals.

If you would like to help a small self-publishing Austrian author (a.k.a. me), please let other RPG players know, either on Facebook/Google+/Twitter, or on other forums or blogs you might visit - any publicity helps. Since the booklet is in German, well, mostly those who speak that will be interested :slight_smile: The rules and a few scenarios from last year are available in English as free PDFs here:

In case someone here is interested, I would be happy to do a test run for one or more of the intentionally very short scenarios (~2 hours) at a Thursday meeting.