An American RPGer in Vienna


I’m a recently-arrived, born-again RPGer here in Vienna, looking to get together a group for Pathfinder or 3.5 Edition AD&D. That being said, I’m open to other games, but since I own the books for the former and am vaguely familiar with the progenitors for the latter, those sounds like good places to start! Because I’m relatively new to these versions and haven’t RPGed in a long time I’d prefer to start with the basics as a player (which rules me out as a GM), but I’m happy to host some games.




Well, I too am a recent arrival to charmant Vienna and I too am looking for a group to join either as a player or a DM (although my own living quarters a far too small to host a group myself unfortunately…).

There have been a few very recents post concerning new arrivals, though, so maybe we will be able to consolidate a gaming group out of all of us…