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Hello guys!

My name is Arturo been living here in Vienna for a while now and been looking for people who actually do D&D. I love the game been a while since i played pen and paper but I also play DDO (Dungeons&Dragons Online) but it is not the same.
I do know of another american who would def. be very itnerested in joining this crew.

I do have a question. How often will we be getting together? and How many people do we have in the group?


Best Regards,


Glad to see you on the site! Right now, it sounds like at least a couple times per month, probably on Friday or Saturday nights. Not sure what your schedule looks like, but I only have limited openings in mine (and, as a 34 year-old, can’t pull all-nighters like I used to!).

It looks like we’re going the Pathfinder route; right now, “the group” includes myself and DovF. Sounds like 4-5 people would be ideal.

Let me know if you (and your buddy) are interested.


Hi Arturo,

is the other American Joel? :wink:

I only started playing Pathfinder this year and my previous RPG experience comes from videogames, but I like it and would like to add another group.



If I can make a suggestion: go ahead and post a bit about yourself; what’s your background (I know you already mentioned that you did online RPGing), what kind of games do you/would you like to play, where/when you could meet up, etc.


I think kilasin wanted to reply to this thread but he hit the ‘report’ button and I got the message instead. Here it is…

I edited out his phone number. I’d recommend that people use the PM function for sending personal information stuff.

Hope you guys get a group going!..Good job, I love it when a plan comes together :wink:

Ya sorry for that and Yes the other ex pat is Joel … We both know what we are talking about and we are both game just let us know when and where. Or I can host once a week that is not a problem…