Always the DM never the PC ... about to change that ... maybe ... hopefully ... !?!?

Hallo community :blush:

I’m a 1000-year-old child trapped in the body of a middle-aged woman. I love D&D. A lot. I think it’s therapeutic. I think it makes the world a better place. I think I need it to stay sane.

Because I personally did not know anyone that plays, I started a game with my friends (or I forced them to start a game with me?) where of course I am the DM. My daughter found that interesting and forced her friends to start a game with her, and me to be the DM. Which my son took for an example and now I’m DMing a game with his friends too.

And the whole me DMing thing worked out perfectly because I could dictate the games dates which made my lab-tech-shift-live easier.

Long story short while I love my three campaigns, I would like to find a group where I can just show up (with my fully fleshed out character … that is easily twigged in every which way … for the good of the campaign … I know a DM’s pain!!!) and enjoy the world someone else created for me.

So here I am just a PC standing in front of a community asking it to DM it.

Love, Alex

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Hi @HeadyAlex,

first of all, welcome to the forum and congrats to infect your family with the love of role playing!

I’m part of two D&D5E campaigns, where , if you are interested, I could introduce to you as a player.
We roughly plays bi-weekly these and both of them currently are remote (in one case, our DM is in Denmark, so we could only meet as players; while the other one might turn more in-person, once everybody get vaccinated).

Let me know, if you are interested!

Hallo there :slight_smile:

YES! I am interested, though I have to tell you rightaway that my worklife is very complicated and I would not want to desrupt your groups scedule. See my problem with finding a group is that I can’t commit to a fixed day of the week. Sometimes I work the whole weekend through, sometimes I have nightshifts, other times I’m free for a week. It really throws a wrench in all weekly apointments (or bi-weekly for that mater).

Thats why I was looking for a group that would scedule there games flexible. And I thought if the games are once a month it would be easy to find a date that would work for everyone.

I would really like to find out if my character is a good fit in your party. But I would hate to be a pain scedul-wise.

Hi, I wrote a private message to you with the details.

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