Aloha! Vastar here

Hello everyone!
Name’s Edd, I’ve been in Vienna for about a year and a half and I’ve been looking around for opportunities to rekindle my nerdy flame - specifically the role playing side of it.
I still don’t feel very confident in my german skills to embark in german-spoken campaigns (and playing in video chat through skype or roll20 feels a bit weird), so finding your forum was quite the nice surprise.

I played a whole lot on D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder systems, but i also tried out many others in the past (Gurps, Saga, Ars Magica, MouseGuard, Cthulu… you name it) and I’m always open to new endeavours.
I was never really GM material… though I write a lot of settings and stories, I’m not that good at being impartial and stuff…
I love when p&p campaigns have a lot of actual roleplaying and story-driven content instead of plethoras of useless battles. Of course they are a very important part of adventuring but it bugs me whenever I spend four or so hours rolling dice without really having an impact on the story… Hmm pretty hard to explain…

I’ve been snooping around the forum and I saw that you usually meet on thursdays… so I might drop by today already! Even just to say “hi”, don’t know.
Anyways, cheers for now!

Nice to meet you last week - you’re totally coming back this week, right?

I mean - like - TOTALLY!