Greetings All,

I moved to Vienna few weeks ago and after a bit of lurking thought to make a introduction.

Studying at TUWien for a few years to get my Master’s in Biophysics (death rays in layman’s terms).

Been playing RPGs and such for good long while (Red box D&D), but no too intensively for ages. More recently mainly table top games such as Eclipse, Arkham Horror and Munchkin. Still might be fun to throw some dice or have a pint.


Hello Tiainen / Arttu and welcome to the Board.

I hope you find some possibility to play soon, there is a semi-regular meeting playing different one(or-more)-shots being organized right over here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=267&start=380

If you are looking for a campaign type of game, I’d still have a spot open in my group, though we currently are on a bit of hiatus due to LARP-season.

Have fun and roll the dice,

Tervetuloa, Arttu!

You had me at red box … but lost me at Munchkin. :smiley:

Seriously, though, welcome to Vienna and hope to play some games with you. Ihave a number of one-shots planned for the not-so-distant future - see you there?

hyvää huomenta : )

I want to run some one-shots as well, especially testing some indie or japanese rpgs (if I will find enough time)
we will see^^

welcome to the forum