All hail - the ungeheuer introduces itself!

Greetings - I am Sabine from Vienna, and am a roleplayer just for a few years.

Currently I play in several rounds (DSA 1, DSA 4.1, MERS, StarWars D6, StarWars EOTE/FAD/AOR, RECON, D&D, AD&D, D&D 3.5 as well as some Hombrew Settings) and slowly I have the feeling to spend a little too much time with Pen & Paper… Again and again I think, you don’t start another round, and again and again I start a new round, because it sounds sooo interesting!

Since I have only played in German-speaking rounds so far, I thought an English-speaking round would be a good opportunity to improve my rusty English skills.

Well, that’s enough for now. If you want to know something else about me you are welcome to ask!

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welcome to the community :slight_smile: hope i’ll see you on one of the open game thursdays or adventure league fridays (yes that’s a thing now :stuck_out_tongue:) :smiley:

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I think I spend too much time role-playing … trawls the Net for a new role-playing group.

Yep, you’re one of us! Welcome aboard!

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Welcome to 5eVienna :smiley:

Thanks for the warm welcome! I hope i can join next thursday.

Hello folks!

Since I don’t know where the right area would be for it, I simply ask in my presentation thread.

I see again and again that there are people who are looking for a group, a DM or a location to play. Is it allowed to refer to our Pen&Paper club here in Vienna?

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Hi Sabine! Sorry for the late reply. If people are looking for groups/DMs etc and you know of another place to suggest to them then go right ahead. The whole concept of the site is to get people playing, wherever that may be. :grin:

No problem and thanks for the answer. Someone gave me your? name the last time, but I didn’t remember the name…
I put the link to the Homepage and the Forum of our association Atheneas Siegel here, so that it appears somewhere at least.

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