Alice is missing

System: Alice is missing
Summary: A (mostly) silent RPG. In person this would be played via messaging apps on your smartphone (e.g. WhatsApp), we’re going to use Discord.
Genre: Real-life, Narrative game
Where: Discord
When: Friday February 18th, 19:00
Playtime: 2-3 hours
Players needed: 3-5 (including the GM, so just 2-4 more people)
Additional requirements: You’ll need to be able to record a short voice message on your computer

Intro to the game:

The game will be played via Discord. The whole handling of cards is done via a Discord bot. So the handling of all these cards is much easier online.

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great game (again) :+1:

I am probably in
(can def. say next monday)

I’ve played this several times already in the last couple years (it’s ideal for remote play), but if that’s not a Hinderungsgrund, I’d love to play again with you guys.

Also, since irx linked to the game above, I don’t think I’m spoilering anything by saying that this one can get into some pretty serious themes.

I’m interested, but I have to warn you: I’m quite slow in chat speed and especially in writing I can’t write “in short”. (It took me 4 reviews to cut this message to such reasonable length)

Shouldn’t be a problem I think. With the whole randomized cards it looks like this game has replay value.

No need to worry about this. If this were played in person, you’d use something like WhatsApp, and I don’t think anybody is expected to be particularly fast here. There are even some passages in the rules that talk about explicitly waiting before you answer somebody else, just to keep an more interesting pace.


I am probably in
(can def. say next monday)

sadly won’t make it on Friday

already played it once, and it’s a great game with replayability :+1:
(the only thing would be that guess the other players’ sercrets would be easier, if you had played it a couple of times already)

have fun :slight_smile:

@Darthbinks Sorry to hear that, see you during a different game.

Sure. Just a courtesy post for the DM. After a few games, you do kind of get an idea of the lines along which things will develop. But yeah, good replayability. Looking forward to it, and really sorry you won’t be able to make it.

Everybody else: Join us!

This was a surprisingly intense, but fun game (and surprisingly worked perfectly for remote session).

Thanks @irx!

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Very intense. That packed quite a punch.

If there’s a snowstorm tomorrow, I am NOT going outside.

Thanks for a memorable evening!

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Glad you had fun.

It was a very fun game. More intense than anticipated.

Might run it again one day.

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