AL season 10, new players guide is out

AL Season 10 Players Guide

there will be discussions wether we go back to AL or not, so if you want to participate in those you probably should check it out (obviousy I’ll do so too)


Honestly, these rules are absurdly restrictive, many sourcebooks are no longer allowed compared to season 9 rules:

  • SCAG - whole book is banned
  • EEPC - whole book is banned
  • Volo’s Guide to Monsters - partial ban, the races Kenku, Triton, Lizardfolk, Bugbear, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Orc and Yuan-Ti are banned
  • Tortle Package
  • Locathah Rising

And (at least most) Season 9 AL characters seem to not be compatible with the new rules; Season 10 characters in tier 1 seem to be locked to playing Rime of the Frostmaiden content only, and only when they get to tier 2, they can play other adventures.

Over on reddit, there’s a real outrage about those new rules, from what I’ve read there.

I am looking forward to a new season with updated VALUE rules, not to a season with those AL Season 10 rules :slight_smile:

We definitely have to rework the rules. Worst part is definitely the seasoning (which I expected to change in few weeks because this is absolut disrespectful for all content creators of the past (specially from the community) This time the rules got created by WOS directly and not the AL admins. Looks like they like to learn their lesson the hard way.

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About the other rules:

  • For equal power levels I like the limitation for magic items. We can discuss about the numbers.
  • that an item is only available for you if you played an adventure would create a greater diversity of characters and would maybe open the option for trading (with other players nor yourself)
  • if the bladesinger (or other subclasses) get reworked in Tashas - only the later version should be available for playing - think that’s why SCAG got banned,
  • I like the adoption rules for languages / proficiencies / attribute bonuses ( Appendix 1)
  • the renown rules are simple: just by tier (giving a temporary item)
  • for races I would like more diversity (even when I still not a big fan of warforged in Faerún)
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first look on it … looks fine to me,
but I totally agree with the need to rework the seasoning!!

  • as @PatrickD mentioned already, since the SCAG subclasses would be reworked in Tasha’s, it would be reasonable to ban the old ones

  • @Warforged-in-Faerûn … on the Islands of Lantan there are “Nimblewrights” (super-rare, but still) … that’s what I would have used, if one of my players had wanted to create a Warforged in my Waterdeep campaign

  • btw. Loxodons would be Loxos in Faerûn, who live in the Shaar

only now realized, that the AL 10 rules allow you to change a racial weapon- into a racial tool-proficiency :astonished:

-> that would (potentially) give elves and dwarves +4 more tool profiencies :clown_face:

this is insane :scream_cat:

Dont know what has changed but its 10.2 out

changes are in RED :wink:

  • they will add a Masters Campaign “Dreams of the Red Wizards” for higher level play, that is seperate from the Seasonal Campaign (t.m. you cannot trade items with a character that is somewhere else)

  • Goliath also found in RotFM

  • Kenku from VGtM are allowed

  • the “my Int+2 Con+2 Mountain Dwarf Artificer with 10 tool-proficiences” is still there

My 2 cents…

Flipped through Tasha’s and it’s pretty legit, imo. Having one BS class and related cantrips, will avoid confusion.

I like appendix 1, it adds versatility, even though I am somewhat concerned how tailoring AS will work with our point buy…minmaxers will love this one.

The rest we just run as VALUE… btw, I am also in favor of trading items (between players) and resetting the unlocked items table once in a while (annually, bi seasonally etc.) would be a good idea.